Wander List


The owners and associates at Melroy Travel realize that many travelers nowadays feel that travel is no longer an option, but rather, a necessity for living a full life; a way to educate themselves and their families about the world; and a way to "feed their souls". We are finding that many people do have a sort of "Wander List" of places and/or events that they want to see and experience in their lifetimes, as do we! There is also a trend for people to commemorate significant events in their lives; such as 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th birthdays, special anniversaries, children's and grandchildren's graduations, etc, by planning trips to special and meaningful destinations across the earth.

Because of this, Melroy Travel has started to plan "Ultimate Wander List" tours.

A note, also, that we can easily plan any of these or other interesting global destinations as 'private' travel adventures for our clients and/or their families and friends.

Some of the places and events we expect to offer on future "Wander List" tours include: