Fathom Impact + Travel

Fathom introduces Impact Travel. Take in the culture while you work alongside its people to create an enduring social impact. Making your meaningful trip more accessible whether to Cuba or the Dominican Republic, discover Fathom's most current exclusive offer.

The more you know before you go ashore, the greater your impact is likely to be. On board, you’ll have a chance to learn some basic Spanish, see documentary films about everyday life in the Dominican Republic, and participate in other activities to help prepare you for the great adventure to come.

Impact Education
Where are the needs? And how can you help? On board, you’ll have a chance to explore those questions in depth, to focus more clearly on where you can make the greatest impact during your time onshore, and to connect with like-minded travelers to do some community-building of your own.

Impact Activity Training
During your outward journey, workshops and other on-board activities will help prepare you for your impact experience and help you learn how to apply your skills and talents in the most effective way. For example, you could learn about water shortages in developing countries and put yourself in the role of an aid worker to improve access to clean water. When it’s time to begin your chosen impact activity in earnest, this kind of on-board training will enable you to hit the ground running.